Hello, I'm Manoj Gopinath .

I am passionate about helping and empowering people to become better at what they do, achieve their true potential and exceed expectations in their careers. I have leadership and mentoring experience of over 25 years and every team I have hired, led and mentored have been acknowledged as the best teams in the organisations I have worked for. I have extensive experience in mentoring fresh from University software engineers to become competitive superstars who have eventually landed jobs in fortune 500 companies. I have mentored senior engineers to become leaders and directors and build their own start-ups. I have mentored product owners and product managers to apply agile and product design and development principles to drive product roadmaps more efficiently and effectively. I have mentored directors and staff engineers become better leaders who can lead by example and make effective decisions as well as develop a highly productive and rewarding engineering culture.

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    Manoj Gopinath
    Start-up Innovation and Leadership
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    I have had the unique experience of succeeding with my very first start-up having built...
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