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Second Job

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  • Anyone can become a mentor - from career starter to business owner
  • All industries, sectors and career paths welcome
  • A flexible second job idea to accommodate your schedule
  • Guide the next generation in your industry
  • Grow your network and develop job-specific skills

Are you looking for great second job ideas? Consider becoming a career mentor as a fulfilling way to leverage your career expertise while guiding others on their own professional path.

Over the years, you’ll have gained many skills, experiences and insights in your career journey. As a mentor, you’ll be able to pass on these aspects to the next generation within your field, allowing others to accelerate their own careers. This is an excellent way to empower others, share valuable lessons, and help them understand the complex nature of their career ladder.

This dual-job approach allows for greater personal development, enhanced communication skills, leadership and empathy. It's an opportunity to contribute meaningfully to someone else's success while broadening your own network and staying updated with the changing industry trends whilst having a flexible second job.

Additionally, the flexibility offered by our mentorship platform allows you to balance your schedule and commitments, offering a sense of purpose beyond primary employment.

To take up mentoring as a side income job, you need to be dedicated and have a genuine passion for helping others achieve their goals. It's your chance to make a tangible impact on aspiring professionals. From helping them ace the interview for their desired job role to providing endless advice throughout their career, you can be someone they look up to.

In this second role, you’ll be inspiring continuous learning and growth while also achieving the pride of watching as your mentees thrive in their careers.

By becoming a mentor Navig8r, you’ll be given the opportunity to:

  • Nurture future talent in your field
  • Inspire ambitious minds
  • Build your leadership skills
  • Leave a lasting legacy within your space
  • Get paid for giving back

If you’d like to explore one of the most flexible and rewarding second job ideas, sign up to become a mentor with Career Navig8r now!

Who Are Career Mentors?

Career mentors are experienced professionals within their field who guide and support the next generation in their career development. They are trusted advisors, offering insights and constructive feedback to help mentees navigate their career paths more effectively.

There are many aspects to a mentor's role, including setting goals, skill development, networking and offering encouragement during challenging times. A mentor’s role is to nurture their mentee, allowing them to fast-track their career by better overcoming hurdles they have encountered.

Moreover, a mentor doesn’t just help newcomers, they also provide advice to those who are already working in a specific field and looking to climb the corporate ladder.

If you have experience within your field, sector expertise or a willingness to support others, you too can become a mentor. All you’ll need is the drive to give back to the next generation of your career path.

People want mentors who are more experienced than them and have held the job role that they’re hoping to get or excel in. You’ve been where they are now, which means you’ve got the tips and tricks to help them overcome obstacles in your specific field.

Additionally, as a mentor, you have to actively listen, share your experiences, and provide guidance tailored to the mentee's needs. This will help you build a relationship based on trust and mutual respect.

The work of a career mentor involves active engagement with mentees and offering support through regular online coaching sessions. You’ll be helping mentees identify their own strengths, weaknesses and opportunities, and you’ll get to offer advice on career choices, skill-building and strategies for professional advancement.

Additionally, as a mentor, you may wish to introduce your mentees to valuable contacts within your network, further aiding their growth and development.

On Career Navig8r, mentees don’t search for mentors with specific skills; they’re looking for specific job roles that the mentor has had. That means, even if you’re just a few steps ahead of your mentees, you’re the ideal Navig8r they need.

Why Choose Mentoring as Your Second Job?

Mentoring as a second job gives you the chance to make a profound impact while making the most of your existing skills. It allows you to guide others' growth, share your experiences and nurture future talent, whilst making a second income. Mentoring also gives you the flexibility needed to balance your primary work and personal commitments. As a mentor, you’ll be developing your own understanding, expanding your networks, and delivering real value. Ultimately, it's one of the most rewarding second job ideas for full-time workers as it fuels personal and professional growth while letting you contribute to others' success.

Diversify Your Income

Becoming a career mentor offers a unique way to diversify your income while making a meaningful impact. By leveraging your expertise and experience, mentoring can be a supplementary income stream that doesn’t just offer financial rewards but also provides you with immense personal fulfilment.

You get to share insights, guide others through professional growth, and offer advice on career development. This diversification also allows for flexibility in scheduling mentorship sessions alongside your primary job, maximising your earning potential.

Additionally, mentoring gives you additional networking opportunities, broadens your industry connections, and can enhance your personal branding. By using mentorship as a side income job, you’ll be able to expand your professional horizons.

Flexible Hours, Fulfilling Impact

Career mentorship allows for flexibility in when you work. With our online mentorship platform, you can pick a schedule that suits both you and the mentee, which lets you maintain a balance between your personal commitments and professional guidance. With both you and your mentee likely working full-time, this makes scheduling even easier.

Flexible hours enable you to engage at convenient times for you, even accommodating different time zones or busy schedules. This flexibility empowers both parties to optimise the interactions, ensuring focused, impactful sessions.

Beyond the convenience, you also get to witness the tangible growth and success of your mentees, knowing that the guidance provided during those flexible hours has resulted in positive change. We hope you find this as satisfying and rewarding as our many other mentors.

Mentorship Adjusts to Your Schedule

Adaptability is a major aspect of career mentorship. This second job can be seamlessly adjusted to the diverse schedules and dynamic lives of mentors and mentees, offering a customised approach to learning and growth.

Whether you’re balancing multiple jobs, family responsibilities, or global time differences, online mentorship allows you to align with other individuals' availability. This tailored approach ensures that your guidance, advice and support remain accessible and effective.

This adaptability not only brings convenience but also optimises the mentorship experience for both parties, allowing for deeper connections and focused interactions. Career mentorship on our platform delivers impactful guidance and fosters professional development at the pace and rhythm best suited for each participant.

Grow Your Network and Earnings

As a career mentor, you're not just shaping careers, you're expanding your network and earning potential. Each mentoring relationship opens doors to new connections across industries, amplifying your professional circle.

These connections often lead to unexpected opportunities, collaborations or referrals, which can enhance your career landscape. Moreover, mentorship can be a side income job, which means it’s an additional revenue stream for you.

By nurturing these connections, both mentor and mentee can benefit each other professionally. The growth within this expanded network will not only boost your earnings but also enrich your career journey, opening doors to continuous learning and advancement.

Who Can Become Career Mentors?

Anyone with professional experience, a passion for guiding others, and a willingness to share knowledge can become a career mentor, regardless of career path or sector. Whether you’re from a corporate, entrepreneurial, academic or creative background, if you’re keen on nurturing talent and offering guidance in your specific field or sector, you can excel as a mentor.

Seasoned Professionals and Experts

Regardless of your field, industry or professional sector, if you have the experience and skills to guide those looking to enter or progress in your field, you can be a career mentor. Your mentees will range from newcomers in the industry to those who are already in the sector and take the next step in their careers.

Career Changers

As a career changer, you’re likely to bring diverse perspectives to mentorship. You can offer valuable insights and guidance based on your own experiences. That’s what makes for an impactful career mentor.


Career mentoring is also an ideal second career idea for teachers. As an educator, you’ll have a wealth of knowledge and mentoring skills, which can help you guide your mentees through career choices, skill development and goal-setting. Your experience in fostering growth and learning makes you an invaluable career mentor as you have the skills to nurture future professionals with expertise and care.


As an entrepreneur, you'll have so many additional skills and business insights to offer making you an exceptional career mentor. With your expertise, you’ll be able to help your mentees navigate industries, seize opportunities, and create an entrepreneurial mindset. You’ll be guiding them toward success in your shared professional paths.


If you’re a retired professional, you’ll have a wealth of industry experience and wisdom to share. Your seasoned perspective, life lessons and vast network make you an incredibly valuable career mentor to help mentees choose and excel in various industries and career paths.

How to Set Up Your Account

  • Click on “Be a Mentor”
  • Provide your name, email and password
  • Set up your profile with a picture and brief highlights of your career
  • Mention the job role or roles you’d like to be a Navig8r for
  • Provide details like job experience and specific skills
  • Define your availability, cost per hour and payment details
  • Let our platform manage the rest - emails, reminders, payment, online sessions

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Choosing a career and progressing within it isn’t easy, and it’s not uncommon for people to feel lost and confused when making such a decision. Moreover, if they’ve just begun their career in a new industry, they may not know how to effectively take that next step on the career ladder.

Mentees have many questions from interviewing questions and training, to specific skill recommendations, and what employers are looking for when hiring. This is where they need the help of a qualified and experienced mentor.

Working as a career mentor is one of the best second career ideas. It offers a side income job with the flexibility to work alongside your full-time job.

If you’re a professional with experience in your field, this is your chance to offer your knowledge and expertise to these individuals. You can help them understand what they need to succeed, covering which skills they need to work on and what are the challenges they may face. Want to take up career mentorship as a second job idea online? Sign up with our mentorship platform now.

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