• About you

    (and a bit about us)

    If you’re looking for a mentor

    Looking for expert advice for the next stage of your career?

    Looking to benefit from the experience of someone who’s already succeeded in your job?

    Uncertain about that upcoming interview and would like some expert help.

    Think you know what to do. But would just like to make sure?

    Fill out your mentee details and get the help you want.

    If you want to be a mentor

    Are you retired, twiddling your thumbs and want a ‘career encore’?

    Know you’ve got expert advice to give, but have nowhere to give it or no one to give it to?

    Looking to help the next generation of you?

    Maybe you just want to benefit financially from your years of knowledge

    Fill out your Navig8r profile and get started.

  • The why of Career Navig8r

    Unfulfilled potential and wasted experience lie at the heart of our mission.
    They’re the reason we exist.

    The founder of Career Navig8r Ken watched his sister “the most competent & able person I know” become frustrated at her inability to find an outlet for all of her competence, experience & knowledge.
    And his father who, once he’d retired, struggled to find an outlet for the vast amount of skills, talent & knowledge he had.

    Both became frustrated, and Ken wanted to find a way for his sister, father and virtually anybody else.
    Anywhere in the world.
    To be able to mentor people who need it.

    Ken wanted to harness all of the knowledge - not just from his family.
    From everyone - anywhere in the world.

    The desire was there. We all know the need for mentors (or Navig8rs) exists.

    Finally–the technology is here too.
    The Career Navig8r platform is the first of its kind that allows people looking for a mentor, to talk to people looking to be a mentor.

    The platform allows you to create a mentor profile, or, browse mentor profiles, and find the person who has excelled in a job role.
    That’s what makes CareerNavig8r different.

    There are plenty of places you can find a mentor or trainer.

    But only one where you can find a mentor, or be a mentor, for a specific job role.
    We offer specific - defined - development.

    This leads you nicely to our purpose, vision and values…

    Vision & values - what’s our purpose?

    Simply - We believe that mentoring is most effective when your mentor has already succeeded in the job you’re being mentored for.

    “We aim to be the world leader in connecting professionals to mentors”

    There are a few things we believe that shape our vision.
    We Believe:
    + Anyone can mentor anyone who is on the same career path
    + The exchange of knowledge and expertise should be easily accessible
    + Mentoring should be an ongoing process in everyone’s career development
    + Mentoring is at its most effective when your mentor has already succeeded in your job

    So what does all that lead to?
    We’re going to improve the mentoring space
    We’re going to unleash people’s true potential. Both mentees and Navig8rs.

    And how will we do that?
    Do great work
    We achieve success by working as one to improve the space of mentoring.
    Value our Mentors and Mentees equally
    We thrive on transparency, mutual respect, and constructive feedback.
    Be open-minded
    Try new things, test, fail, tweak and learn.
    Promote growth and happiness
    Our success depends on the collective growth and happiness of our team, our Mentors, and our Mentees.

    Our unique platform enables anyone to become a mentor. It also helps mentees find their own career navig8r who will help them improve or advance their career.

    Mentees will find, connect, and work with mentors (they choose) who have already excelled at their dream job.


    Our brand new platform is the only one of its kind that matches people looking to advance their career–with people who have already been successful in that role.
    Anyone can sign up as a mentee OR as a mentor.
    We give equal value to both.

  • Learn from people who've already done your job