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When someone is starting a new job, a role that you have held, your specific experience is exactly what they're looking for. It makes you their ideal mentor, their Navig8r.

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  • Share your job experience with
    mentees and get rewarded.

    • Mentor people who want to excel at the jobs YOU have had.
    • Mentor when you want, from where you want, for the price you want.
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    Become a Mentor
    Become a Mentor
  • Benefits of Being a Mentor

    Career Navig8r looks after tech and logistics so that you can focus 100% on mentoring. Yes! No need to haggle about pay, sharing call links, or reminders.

    • Flexibility

      Automated system helps you choose your own schedule.

    • Side Income

      Get paid for your valuable input at the rate you want.

    • Giving Back

      Transform lives and develop your leadership skills.

    • Networking

      Build a network and enhance your career profile.

    • Brilliant Mentees

      Guide mentees with the latest learnings from your field.

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  • Never Thought of Being a Mentor? Think Again.

    Have you ever been asked how you landed your job with eager-to-learn eyes staring at you? Or how you progressed from the previous role to the present one? Ever helped a colleague navigate a work challenge and eased their stress? Great! You – yes YOU – are a Navig8r.

    Never Thought of Being a Mentor? Think Again.
  • Can I be a mentor regardless of age?

    Whatever your age, as long as you have the right experience,
    you can be a mentor.

    Can I be a mentor for any job
    I've had? Yes.

    All that matters is your experience... Because mentees
    want to learn from you.

    Become a Mentor
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  • Your Experience.
    Their Success.