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Side Hustle/Side Gig

Key Features

  • Anyone can become a mentor for a Job Role they have had -from someone who has mastered -the first job role on their Career ladder, to seasoned career professionals to business owners
  • All Job Roles, industries, sectors and career paths welcome
  • A flexible second job idea to accommodate your schedule
  • Guide the next generation to perform Job Roles you have done
  • Grow your network and develop job-specific skills
  • Get paid for giving back

Are you looking for a rewarding and exciting side hustle idea? Here at Career Navig8r, we open the doors to some of the best side hustle opportunities.

Your 9-to-5 is no longer your only income stream. Whether you’re a career veteran or have just mastered your first job role on your career ladder, you can bring your professional insights and expertise to those who are just behind you on their career path.

That’s where Career Navig8r comes in. We’re the gateway to professional side hustles to make money from the comfort of your own home.

As a professional side hustle website, we always welcome new insights and expertise. Sign up to become a mentor and earn extra money while sharing your advice, personal career story and refined knowledge with those up-and-coming in your industry. This opportunity also allows you to broaden your own network and keep up with changing industry trends while balancing your own professional commitments.

At Career Navig8r, you have the flexibility and control to manage your own schedule - whether you’re looking at side gigs to make money, network or take on a new challenge, our mentorship platform is designed to help you every step of the way.

Becoming a mentor is the best side hustle idea from home, allowing you to shape careers and empower like-minded people in their professional journey. Armed with in-depth resources and tools, our side hustle website offers you a way to make a meaningful difference in the professional lives of others.

By signing up with Career Navig8r as your side hustle job, you’ll be given the opportunity to:

  • Use your experience to guide future generations in your field
  • Access a wide range of opportunities
  • Increase your earning potential
  • Enjoy freedom by creating a flexible schedule
  • Gain valuable experience
  • Get paid for giving back
  • Enjoy a career encore from the comfort of your home
  • Join a supportive and collaborative community
  • Easy and quick sign-up process

To kickstart your online side hustle and join our community of like-minded Navig8rs. Simply sign up today and it is free to do so!

Your next big opportunity is just a click away!

What Do Side-Hustle Jobs Involve at Career Navig8r?

Open the door to making more money from your side hustle while making a profound impact on someone’s career with your skills.

With your unique experience and insights, you’ll be guiding others’ career trajectories, giving the next generation the tools they need. Mentoring gives you the option to make some extra money on the side of your primary full-time income, whilst allowing you to balance your personal commitments.

By becoming a Career Navig8r, you’ll improve your understanding of your field, build networks with a like-minded set of mentors and deliver real value to society. Explore your next idea for a side hustle that’s rewarding for both personal, financial and professional growth.

Supplementary Income

Diversifying your income has never been more important. With a lucrative side hustle like career mentorship, you have easy access to the gig economy, allowing you to supplement your primary income.

By becoming a career mentor, you’re not just tapping into an alternate income to manage unexpected expenses, but you also have the opportunity to expand your own skills. Moreover, leveraging your expertise and experience to help others can provide you with immense personal fulfilment.

Besides the monetary boost, an easy side hustle for extra income is a great way to build greater financial security. As a result, this minimises the risks associated with relying solely on one source of income, particularly during market volatility. You also get to choose when and how often you wish to offer your service. You are totally in command of your diary and any requests made by mentees.

Sign up as a career mentor with Career Navig8r to find good side hustles to make money and ensure financial stability with peace of mind.

Flexible Work Hours

As a Career Navig8r and mentor, you have the flexibility to make your side hustle a success from the comfort of your home. As a side hustle job offering the opportunity to work outside of standard working hours, you’re given the chance to accommodate your own lifestyle and personal commitments, whilst earning some additional income.

Whether you’re a full or part-time employee who needs some additional income or you’re looking to make some extra side income through retirement - if you have something to give back to your industry, the door is open for anyone who can offer guidance and assistance to emerging professionals.

These flexible hours enable you to tailor your work schedule around your personal responsibilities whilst reducing stress and burnout. Moreover, with you and your mentee both likely working full-time, you can pick a schedule that suits both. This will help ensure more focused and impactful sessions.

With flexible timing at your fingertips, irrespective of time zone or schedule, career mentorship is becoming the professional side hustle to make money from. Witnessing the tangible growth and success of your mentees is an added bonus to this.

Skill Development

When starting your side hustle as a career mentor, you’ll be challenging your own skills and experience by helping see it through someone else's eyes. Such opportunities demand effective communication skills as mentors must be able to articulate advice and feedback in a clear and empathetic manner.

This side gig can help improve your own problem-solving skills as mentors frequently encounter diverse career challenges from their mentees which demand creative and practical solutions.

Not just a side hustle to make money fast, you’re keeping up to date with industry trends and job market dynamics, thereby fostering continuous learning and adaptability in your own career, too.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, an educator or a retired professional looking for a side hustle to make extra cash, career mentoring is a no-brainer owing to its ability to offer invaluable growth for personal and professional growth.

Networking Opportunities

Signing up for online side hustles with Career Navig8r is free to do, and it lets you shape careers whilst growing your own network and earning potential. Each mentorship opportunity allows you to work one-on-one with a mentee who is looking for your guidance, offering you additional ways of thinking and establishing connections in the industry.

By meeting potential collaborators and future business employees, you can amplify your professional circle. Not only do these side gig opportunities keep you abreast of industry trends and demands but also offer chances for referrals and recommendations, extending your professional network further.

Besides being a high-paying side hustle, career mentorship elevates your professional standing while adding a revenue stream for you. By drawing a mutually beneficial scenario, career mentorship lets you nurture these professional connections and enrich your career journey, helping you learn and advance continuously.

Financial Independence

If you’re looking for good side hustles to make money, career mentorship is the way to go. Offering an alternative income stream, career mentorship provides an opportunity to build your savings and reduce your reliance on a single source of income.

This diversification provides greater financial stability while accelerating your journey towards financial independence. As a career mentor at Career Navig8r, you are constantly exposed to the latest industry trends and networks, improving your marketability and ability to earn higher.

While building instrumental skills such as coaching, communication and leadership, you build transferable skills that help you in future career opportunities. This, in turn, offers you a robust and secure financial future where you are equipped with personal and professional growth strategies.

Who Can Choose Career Mentorship as a Side Hustle?

Anyone from a corporate, entrepreneurial, academic or creative background with a passion for guiding others and a willingness to share knowledge can become a career mentor. If you are on a path that others may wish to follow, you have the experience and expertise to offer that next generation as they start their journey - no matter how high up the career ladder you are.

Seasoned Professionals and Experts

If you’re an experienced professional with the skills to guide those looking to enter or progress in your field, you can be a career mentor. Your mentees will likely be one or several career steps away from yourself and be actively working to take that next leap. But in truth, as long as you are one career step ahead of your mentee you can be a Mentor. Hence you might have just started your career, but to a student wanting to gain access to your Job Role, you are ideal and at a price point for that role that they can afford.

Career Changers

As a career changer, you’re bound to have diverse perspectives, which would allow you to offer valuable insights and guidance based on your own experiences. That’s what makes for an impactful career mentor.


Career mentoring is also an ideal side hustle idea for teachers, as you’re likely to have a wealth of knowledge and mentoring skills already, giving you additional insight which can help you guide your mentees through career choices, skill development and goal-setting. Your experience in fostering growth and learning makes you an invaluable career mentor.


As an entrepreneur, you'll have so many additional skills and business insights to offer. With your expertise, you’ll be able to help your mentees navigate industries, seize opportunities, and create an entrepreneurial mindset.


If you’re a retired professional, your wealth of industry experience and wisdom is invaluable. Your seasoned perspective, life lessons and vast network make you an exceptional career mentor to help mentees choose and excel in various industries and career paths.

Career Breaks

Choosing career mentorship as a side hustle during your career break allows you to focus on your family life while also sharing your expertise, staying professionally engaged, and supporting others on their career journey. It fosters personal growth, builds networks, and turns your break into a productive and fulfilling experience.

People are often unsure about how a change in their geographical location might affect their career. If a mentee is moving to another country, you can guide them on how to continue their career and excel in it, even in a new environment. Moreover, if you’ve had a similar experience, you would be the best Navig8r for this situation.

How to Set Up Your Account

  • Click on “Be a Mentor”
  • Provide your name, email and password
  • Set up your profile with a picture and brief highlights of your career
  • Outline job role or roles you’d like to be a Navig8r for
  • Provide details like job experience and specific skills
  • Define your availability, cost per hour and payment details
  • Let our platform manage the rest - emails, reminders, payment, online sessions

If you’re ready to find your mentees, be a mentor now!

Find Your Side Hustle at Career Navig8r Today!

At Career Navig8r, we understand that choosing a career and progressing within it isn’t easy. Many of us feel lost and overwhelmed when making such a life-impacting decision. However, people often find that reaching out to a mentor during times of distress is an excellent way to guide them through their worries.

If you're an experienced and qualified professional in your field, in your Job Role, whatever that job role is, this is your chance to offer your expert knowledge and advice to individuals who are looking for guidance in that Job Role. You can help them become a credible candidate for that Job Role, how to ace the interview, and be a credible and ongoing resource for effective job role guidance and skills development.

Moreover, besides being ​​one of the best side hustles to make extra income, career mentorship offers the flexibility to work alongside your full-time job.

Looking for side hustles to make extra money? Take up career mentorship as your side hustle today! Sign up with our mentorship platform for free now!

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