Hello, I'm Lucille Harvey .

I have a BSc in Psychology and a Masters in Human-Computer Interaction from UCL. My current role is Senior UX Consultant at an organisation which specialises in digital transformation. In my role as a UX consultant, I do user research, and UX design and provide consultative advice across a range of projects in the private and public sectors. This has included discovery projects for new pieces of legislation which necessitated a large user research project, and an end-to-end development project for a new piece of software for the UK government where I was leading the user research, UX design cycle and user testing post-development. I have advanced very quickly in my career and am the fasted promoted in my company and the youngest senior consultant in the company's 35-year history. Now the most senior person in the UX team, I help set the vision for the UX practice, design the strategy for the team development and mentor the newer team members to foster their development. I worked out very early in my career how to get noticed and the key things to do to help you advance quickly. I have had record-breaking promotions in several positions I have held and am able to quickly become an integral part of any organisation by working out where I can deliver value.

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    Lucille Harvey
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