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Ian Wellock
Information Technology @ Night Island Consulting
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About me

I've been a programmer working professionally for over 45 years. I've worked on the lowest technical level​,​ writing PC emulators​,​ serial UART emulators​,​ and floating-point CPU emulators​,​ operating system kernels and drivers​,​ etc.​,​ all the way up through PC​/​Mac applications​,​ e-commerce websites at world-scale​,​ to iPhone and iPad apps (around 270 million users for my last app)​,​ electric car systems​,​ and I was on the team that wrote Microsoft Windows. I've worked as a team of one​,​ and led hundreds of people across four continents in multiple timezones​,​ as both line manager​,​ project head​,​ lead developer​,​ Director​,​ and CTO. In the last four years​,​ I've semi-retired​,​ working only on an electric car project to sell electricity back to the national grid​,​ and a SaaS website that calculates international VAT liability. This leaves me with enough time to give a mentee​,​ a task I've enjoyed many times in the past. I've worked in almost every computer language out there over the years​,​ and honestly​,​ language matters far less than your ability to work on a step-by-step basis and to think things through. For this reason​,​ I'm probably best used by anyone who wants help improving their abilities​,​ or picking up a new skill; if you want to talk about the best ways to architect a system with hundreds of millions of users​,​ or to use fewer server resources​,​ or how to best write any piece of code​,​ I can give you perspective like no-one else. I do things very differently to most people. I write code like I breathe​,​ I adore 'appropriateness' in systems and code​,​ I'm ultra-efficient in the code I write​,​ and I have great experience at talking to all levels of colleagues​,​ from the most junior to the most senior​,​ and explaining the truth in a way that people can grasp and fully take on board. I never talk down to anyone​,​ never get angry or shout​,​ and genuinely love helping people achieve their goals.


Information Technology


 in Night Island Consulting
From January 1999 to Invalid Date

Key Projects

Microsoft Windows
I worked on the DOS box for Windows, which is a PC emulator on DEC Alpha systems. Wrote a great deal of code for it, including the serial UART emulator, and a 'compiler compiler' that produced emulation code for different host CPUs.
Electric Car Project
Designed the software and hardware architecture for a new, modular, bi-directional electric car charger capable of selling electricity back to the national grid; used AI and Machine Learning on Nvidia Jetson SBC's to negotiate and determine optimum times to sell or to buy.
iPhone Chat/Social app
For the telecoms giant Veon, I designed and built an iPhone app and the corresponding server architecture for an app that combined chat, news channels, and Internet service integration with AI and Machine Learning, for 270 million users.
Sales VAT website
Designed and built from scratch the sales VAT SaaS website, taking in sales data and producing compliant international VAT liability reports. Website can be scaled up indefinitely through careful planning, and has several unique features.




Writing code in almost any language, deep technical understanding, computer architecture, problem solving

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