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Daniela Stefan
Business, consulting and management @ Self-Employeed
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About me

Through personalised coaching and guidance​,​ I have had the privilege of helping individuals identify their strengths and areas for growth. By empowering clients with tools and strategies​,​ I have seen them boost their self-confidence​,​ develop new skills​,​ and overcome obstacles. It is truly rewarding to witness the positive transformations and growth that my clients experience.


Business, consulting and management


Life Coach
 in Self-Employeed
From July 2022 to Invalid Date

Key Projects

I have helped clients to achieve their goals
I am grateful for the opportunity to have helped so many individuals on their journey to reaching their personal and professional goals. Through mentorship, guidance, and support, I have witnessed firsthand the transformation and growth of those I have had the privilege to work with.




Communication skills, Empathy, Active Listening

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