What Are The Benefits of Mentoring for Mentors?

the benefits of mentoring as a side hustle

There are many benefits of mentoring in the workplace – and outside of it too. Many organisations offer mentoring for their employees, but you might want to pursue mentoring away from your company to give something back to your sector. To be a guiding light for someone who wants to be where you are now.

Once you’ve decided to become a mentor, you can start reaping the benefits of mentoring straight away, earning money to share your knowledge and experience, and feeling that warm fuzzy dopamine glow that comes from helping another person. Read on to discover more of the fantastic benefits of being a mentor.

5 Benefits of Mentoring

From improving your soft skills to topping up your income and even furthering your career prospects, let’s take a look at 5 of the top benefits of mentoring for mentors.

1. Improve Your Communication Skills

Effective communication is crucial in every successful mentor-mentee relationship, so see it as an opportunity to improve your communication skills, including active listening and emotional intelligence. You’ll then be able to apply these to other aspects of your career and even social situations, extending the benefits of mentoring to the rest of your life. Mentoring really can be life-changing. We’re not joking (for once).

2. Inspire Others

Yes, you. You can inspire others. Just by sharing your journey.

Most of us don’t sit back and think about how much we know and what we’ve achieved until someone asks us to share our path. But it’s likely that you’ve got a string or two or twelve to your bow and a few hard-earned lessons to pass on. Once you realise this, you might even inspire yourself and give your own confidence a boost too.

Mentors can be a huge inspiration to mentees, and this can be one of the best benefits of mentoring of all. It allows you to see how far you’ve come on your own journey, before passing your wisdom on to others.

3. Give Something Back

Getting involved with mentoring is a fantastic way to give something back to your sector. Take a moment to reflect on how far you’ve come throughout your career. Go on, let yourself feel proud.

You might not remember the name of your first deskmate or the supplier you spoke to every Monday morning on the phone, but you will remember the boss who gave you a leg up or the HR manager who passed on invaluable advice. Now you have the opportunity to pay it forward.

4. Feel Good!

Whether you’re a big softie or not; there’s no denying that helping people feels good. For most of us, it gives us a little warm feeling inside – that’s the sweet sweet release of dopamine.

This comes from not only helping someone else, but also because you’re positively reinforcing how capable you are at the same job. After all, your mentee wouldn’t have approached you if they didn’t think you’d got the exact skill set they need.

When your mentee goes on to be successful, you’ll know that was due, in no small part, to you. Yes, YOU. There’s no room for imposter syndrome here.

We all like to feel valued and useful, so this can be one of the best benefits of mentoring of all, leaving you feeling on top of the world and humbled all at once. If you want an even more grandiose take (we all need one every now and again), you’ll know you’re leaving the future of your industry in incredibly good hands.

Didn’t have the warm fuzzies before? We know you do now.

5. Increase Your Career Prospects

Thoroughly well-documented stats alert 👇👇

Over a 5 year period, Sun Microsystems was involved in a study that compared the career progress of approximately 1,000 employees worldwide in (probably) the most famous and well-known mentoring study on record. These are just some of the tangible benefits of mentoring it uncovered:

  • People involved in mentoring are SIX times more likely to be promoted than those who aren’t involved in mentoring
  • 28% of mentors received a pay rise – compared to just 5% of managers who weren’t involved in the mentoring programme

So, it was found that you’re more likely to get a promotion, a pay rise or both if you’re involved in mentoring. The benefits of being a mentor really do pay – quite literally.

Benefits Of Mentoring In the Workplace

When you become a mentor within your organisation or to top up your income outside of your standard working hours, you (and your boss, hopefully!) will soon start to feel the impact on your own job and performance.

The benefits of mentoring in the workplace include:

  • Shows you can handle responsibility – both for yourself and for the development of others
  • Shows you care about other people’s careers as well as your own – a sign of a good team player. Employers really like people who help their business improve
  • You become more well-rounded as a person, which in turn makes you a better and more well-rounded employee
  • The people above you get to see you in a new light – someone who can guide and mentor juniors
  • Long-term, your boss will see that the development of their employees (and consequently their business) is in very good hands. Business owners love to envisage a time when they can take their hands off and let other people do the day-to-day running and management of their company. Could that be you? 👀

Why Be a Mentor with Career Navig8r?

One of the many benefits of mentoring with Career Navig8r is that you’ll also earn money for your mentoring, which is a nice little ‘over and above’ benefit 😊

That does come with a little bit of added pressure though. Not only is your mentee expecting value because of your work experience, but they’re also paying for you to share it with them. This is why it’s so important to know how to be a good mentor.

If you believe you’ve got what it takes to share your knowledge, skills and experience with the people looking to follow behind you…
If you believe you can make good people better…
If you believe you can share that information in a way that people will be happy to pay for…

You’re exactly the kind of person we’re looking for at Career Navig8r.

Sign up to start enjoying the benefits of being a mentor today.

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